Technical Comparison Chart Product Comparison Chart
‘Technical’ comparison of Polyline Solid Extruded PVC Profile with Flash Door, Door made of Hollow Profile
Moisture/Water Sensitive Sensitive Waterproof Waterproof
Insects/Termites Highly Prone Highly Prone Insect Proof Insect Proof
Heat/Cold Insulation Inflammable Inflammable Non Inflammable Self Extinguishing Non Flammable
Mild Alkalies Corrodes Corrodes No Reaction No Reaction
Dilute Acids
Abrasion Resistance Poor Poor Very Good Very Good
Standung Ink Sports Permanent Permanent Temporary Temporary
Installation Days Days Extra Days Extra Days
Time/ Labour
Re utilization After Dismanling 50% 50% 25% 90%
Maintenance Polishing/Painting Maximum Maximum Negligible Negligible
Available Size Less More Much more ply & Teak Ply Between Commercial
Initial Cost Less More Much more ply & Teak Ply Between Commercial
Ageing Poor fair Very Good Excellent
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