They are exceedingly uncomplicated to install , remove , repair and again reinstall and all this can be done without causing any structural damage to the wall or the coloum , they are manufactured with resilient solid pvc form profiles with homogeneous fine cellular structure having smooth outter integral surface . Our window products and system are optimised for state of art funtionality from certainty and ease of cleaning to unvailing thermal and acoustic performance.


PVC window frame with 50 x 35 mm. profile

PVC Window frame With 50 X 47mm. profile

PVC Window frame with 62x32 mm. profile

PVC Window shutter with 62 x 30 & 62 × 18 mm profile

PVC window shutter With 50 mm. X 25 mm × 50 mm profile

PVC Window shutter with 75 mm. x 30 mm × 50 mm profile

Louver Window

Louver with Glass Window

Wire Mesh with Glass Window

The dimensions of the windows or the ventilators can be customised according to the manufacturer specifications and direction of engineer in charge.