Structure : single piece extrusion profiles

Dimensions available :

62 × 32 mm

85 × 45 mm

100 × 65 mm

Our wood polymer composite door frames are formulated with exemplary granules of teak wood and poly vinyl chloride at a consummate ratio .There unique physical and mechanical properties are also quite beneficial for the end users as well as WPC manufacturer.

Because of its inherent structure and composition (which comprises of both wood and plastic), the WPC frames are among products that can retain very less amount of moisture . Consequently, because of low water absorption, WPC frames do not swell easily even when placed in moist Environments. They are hence well suited for the interior designing projects for bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. The substance can resist impacts and is flexible and durable at the same time. Polyline wpc frames have commendably shear strength and are a preferred structural component than wood as it is non corrosive and termite proof in nature and have a much superior mechanical properties.